KENYA – Ongoing project since April,2020


The objective of the project is to establish a fruit garden that will be a model for CO2 compensation through trainings and engagement of the local community. The garden will also be helpful to support the needy students financially once the fruits are mature.


The larger community in Nchiru village uses firewood and charcoal as the main source of fuel. This is obtained by felling trees from their homesteads and Imenti Lower forest that borders the University. Continuous logging of wood from the forest and homestead for firewood and charcoal has severely led to deforestation which in turn has reduced the amount of rainfall received in the region. As a result the farmers have been experiencing low yields of the agricultural produce and sometimes huge losses due to the resources spent on the farm.



To achieve all these tasks, we need your help! So don’t hesitate to be a part of us to make our world a better place!

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