Greening Africa Together is a network of NGOs, universities, and institutions collaborating in the field of green development.

The members of Greening Africa Together are united by the aim to empower, and enable African youth to fight climate change.

The projects of this semester are (1) a photovoltaic (PV) system for a health center in Benin, (2) a PV system with batteries for a maternity center in DR Congo, (3) a fruit and vegetable dryer using PV heating and ventilation system in Turkey. In Senegal the projects are (4) standalone systems in family concessions for a village, (5) a system which improves the water quality and accessibility, (6) a fuel briquette project and (7) a system for gardening.

PV for Education

BURKINA FASO- Ongoing Project Since February 2019 Who? The aim of the project is supplying clean energy for the school […]

Reafforestation for CO2 compensation and promote sustainable agriculture

KENYA – Ongoing project since April,2020 What we aim? The mission of the project is to establish a fruit garden […]

Clean campus

UGANDA – Implementation of a functional waste management system at the Uganda Martyrs University in the Nkozi community. Subsequent recycling […]

Go green, clean cooking

SENEGAL – Encourage Koram to live a sustainable and healthy way by improving clay stoves to replace the inefficient three-stone […]

Water supply for refugees

CAMEROON – We want to help internally displaced people in Cameroon by building a solar-powered irrigation system for a vegetable […]

Photovoltaics for all

SENEGAL – Photovoltaics for everyone: The 1200-inhabitant village of Koram in Senegal wants green energy: photovoltaic off-grid systems, street lighting, […]

Sustainable Fuels for Health

SENEGAL – Sustainable fuels protect the health of the residents of Kouram, our Senegalese partner village. This year we need […]