about us

Greening Africa Together (GATo) is a network (international association) of African Universities and NGOs aiming at bringing together universities, local communities, and creating partnerships worldwide to address climate change and sustainable development. This Pan-African Network currently operates on national country networks based in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, DR Congo, Ghana, Senegal, Togo, and Uganda.  The higher education institutions are linked together by New Humanity International Association African members and other member NGOs. The main office is located in Dakar, Senegal.  

Mission and Vision

GATo is united by the aim to encourage, empower and enable African youth and local communities to fight climate change and provide perspectives in Africa together. This approach is led by the idea of Universal Fraternity and Service Learning. GATo promotes active partnership and cooperation between students and local communities from different nations and cultures. In the spirit of a united world, all our projects aim to create sustainable positive change for people and nature across cultural, religious, and social borders. 

Our objectives: 

    • Fighting climate change globally and addressing the SDGs through CO2 compensation and climate partnerships 
    • Showcase the importance of the climate service of African local communities for climate mitigation. 
    • Empower and support African local community associations, universities, and local NGOs to jointly implement sustainable, integrated climate mitigation and adaptation projects to support sustainable development and to finance them through CO2 compensation.  
    • Develop Africa based standards, criteria, and indicators for African community owned CO2 compensation projects other than relying on standards developed from outside the continent.  
    • Establish a Greening Africa Together CO2 Compensation Certification (GATo CCC) 
    • Enable local communities and social institutions to monitor indicators for climate and SDGs.   
    • Enhance the synergy of research, teaching, learning, and social mission in the field of SDGs and climate mitigation/adaptation.