greening africa together

GATo is united by the aim to encourage, empower and enable African youth and local communities to fight climate change and provide perspectives in Africa together. This approach is led by the idea of Universal Fraternity and Service Learning. GATo promotes active partnership and cooperation between students and local communities from different nations and cultures. In the spirit of a united world, all our projects aim to create sustainable positive change for people and nature across cultural, religious, and social borders. 

Greening Africa Together


Communities and social projects linked to our members in Africa and the Middle East express their needs that can be solved using renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, and environmental preservation.

Practical skills

The students, mostly with a background in renewable energy and environment, learn by applying their knowledge and gain experience and skills in their fields. Volunteers and communities are trained likewise.



All projects are under the responsibility of a local member NGOs, which develops a sustainability concept for the project in collaboration with communities and working groups.