International Greening Africa Together Climate Run 2023

08 and/or 15 July, 2023

Together for Climate Justice!

Join the African-European Climate Partnership and participate in the Global Climate Run/Walk to support African Climate Action Community Projects.

The African Network Greening Africa Together offers you the opportunity to pair up with someone from Africa or Europe and participate in the run/walk locally, fostering a united impact.

Taking to the streets for climate awareness is essential but not enough. To achieve Climate Justice, let us actively support climate action projects in communities suffering the most from the climate crisis.

How does it work?

  1. Register on the website and choose a project to support.
  2. If you do not already have a partner, you will be matched with someone from the other continent
  3. Download and print your Climate Run Sponsorship Sheet.
  4. Ask your friends, family, and companies to support your team by filling out and signing the Sponsorship Sheet.
  5. Participate in the local run/walk, enjoy the experience, and earn a stamp from the jury based on the distance you cover.
  6. Let your sponsors know about the total distance your team covered.
  7. Sponsors will then make a donation equivalent to the sum of the distance covered by your team in kilometers.

The best teams can win certificates for the following criteria

  1. Longest distance accomplished
  2. The youngest/oldest team participating
  3. Team with the best/expressive photos
  4. Team with the highest number of sponsors
  5. Most social media likes on your posts with the #GATOCLIMATERUN23

GATo Projects to run for

  • Benin: Educoplastic project for women in Cotonou
  • Benin: Solar maternity in Kpota
  • Benin: Biofarm/Solar mill Parakou/Cotonou 
  • Benin: Solar  well in Meleti village
  • Burkina Faso: Plastic Waste Management with women in Bobo Dioulasso
  • Burkina Faso: Reforestation in Nasso and Kaonghin 
  • Cameroon: Plastic waste management system in school in Yaounde
  • Cameroon: Ecological gardening for internal displaced women Dschang 
  • DRC: Smart Bio Garden Kinshasa
  • Ghana: Solar school Fomena
  • Kenya: Reforestation with women’s groups and schools of Mermanet Forest 
  • Senegal: Peace Forest  Kuram and Kamobeul
  • Senegal:  Waste management Bignona market
  • Togo: Solar School Adeti Konji 
  • Togo: Reforestation  in Tsiko village 
  • Uganda: Green campus UMU Nkozi
  • South-South scholarships: For African students, to work in GATo project management in the other GATo countries

Running Locations

Country City Running Place  Date
Benin Cotonou Campus of university Abomey-Calavy/ Tankpè 15 July 2023
Benin Cotonou Cotonou-Agla  8 July 2023
Burkina Faso Bobo Dioulasso Bobo Dioulasso  8 July 2023
Cameroon Dschang Campus University of Dschang  8 July 2023
Germany Berlin Tiergarten (Run) 08 July 2023
Germany Brandenburg Bad Saarow (hike) 15 July 2023
Ghana Fumena Coming soon Coming soon
Ghana Kumasi KNUST 14 July 2023
Italy Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon
Kenya Laikipia Laikipia University Coming soon
Senegal Dakar/Thies Corniche Ouest Coming soon
Senegal Bignona Stop Bignona 15 July 2023
Togo Lomé University of Lomé / Apessito Christ Roi Station  08 July 2023
Adana Coming soon Coming soon
Uganda Nkozi Campus of UMU university  15 July 2023


Also individuals or groups residing in countries or areas not listed above can join the run. The organization will contact you after your registration to arrange for the procedures.