Requirements for the GATo GCSE Certificates

Study credits certificate​

Students who wish to receive study credits for their work must fulfill the requirements of the modules as shown in the list below.

If the module is part of your study program, your examination office will receive the credits directly.

Internship certificate

The requirements for the certificate are the same as for the Study credits certificate. An internship with a longer duration or in a specific field can also be completed upon agreement with the respective national or international GATo office.

Volunteering certificate

The volunteering certificate is delivered to a student/tutor who has already obtained a minimum of one of the two modules (Certificate for internship/certificate for study credits). This certificate means you have worked with GATo after doing the two modules. E.g., as a tutor or junior expert.

Attendance certificate

The certificate of Attendance is delivered to those who have not completed one of the modules but have at least met some requirements. The certificate will be delivered according to work done, and it will be specified on the certificate.

Training certificate

The certificate is delivered to those who join specific training sessions. E.g., GATo CO2 Compensation evaluation experts.

*All our certificates have an identification number