We at Greening Africa Together are a nonprofit network of NGOs, universities and institutions that sat ambitious goals in encourage, empower and enable especially the African youth to fight against climate changes and provide perspectives in Africa together.

For that we concentrate on a close cooperation with our partner universities in Africa and the local population. Our projects will only be possible with your support!

Even a small amount makes a big difference.
Do you want to help us to make a change?

Online seminars in Egoli – organic farming and biogas

Greening Africa Together: GO GREEN CLEAN COOK in Senegal!

Plastic Waste Recycling Center in Burkina Faso

Photovoltaic for Education in Burkina Faso

Donate for a PV system in DR Congo!

Greening Africa Together: Senegal – PV4All Energize Koram!

Green Campus Uganda Martyrs University

Support us in building a biogas plant in Senegal

Plastic Waste Recycling Center in Burkina Faso

Support an eco-farming school in Kpassamgambou, Benin!

Water supply for internal refugees in Cameroon

Support the use of biofuels in Senegal!

Institutions and companies are invited to be official partners of the GATo network if…

  • They want to fight climate change and reduce their carbon footprint

  • Aim to create sustainable positive change for people and nature across cultural, religious and social borders

  • Support communities or social projects in the field of Green development

  • Work at the same eye-level

  • A responsible of the company/institution will sign the agreement

  • A contact person will assure the communication with GAto  

Interested in becoming a sponsor and supporting our network? Please fill in this contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.