SENEGAL – Sustainable fuels protect the health of the residents of Kouram, our Senegalese partner village. This year we need your donation to purchase hand-operated presses and mills for the production of biochar briquettes.

About the project:

Greening Africa Together is active in several African countries. The intercultural working group “Sustainable Fuels”, which consists of students from Senegal and Benin, Congo and Germany, has set itself the goal this year of continuing existing projects and initiating new initiatives in the partner village of Kouram that will sustainably improve the lives of the villagers .

In the partner village of Kouram, which is located in the Senegalese region of Casamance and is not connected to the national electricity grid, around 1200 people live in almost 80 households, which are almost exclusively subsistence farmers. In recent years, the most important problem areas have been analyzed together with the population. It became clear that a great desire is to make alternative fuels available to firewood.

Cooking with solid fuels such as wood in poorly ventilated rooms poses a serious health risk for all people involved, among other things due to the high level of particulate matter, and supports deforestation of forests and soil erosion. By providing sustainable, alternative fuels, it is thus possible to protect the health of the villagers and mitigate negative consequences for the environment. Micro biogas plants and self-produced biochar briquettes from agricultural waste make a valuable contribution to this.

This year we want to improve the operation of the biogas plants built in recent years in order to optimize the yield of the biogas that is used for cooking and to provide light, and to enable agricultural use of the digestate as fertilizer.

For the production of biochar briquettes from agricultural waste, we want to buy hand-operated presses and mills in the region to facilitate the manufacturing process. In addition, the existing carburetor is to be modified in order to reduce the pollutant emissions that are unavoidable in the process.


With your donation you enable us to implement the planned projects in March 2019. Thanks a lot!