SENEGAL – Photovoltaics for everyone: The 1200-inhabitant village of Koram in Senegal wants green energy: photovoltaic off-grid systems, street lighting, training of the local population

For the fourth year we are now working with the 1200 village Koram in Senegal. The village is isolated and not connected to the general electricity network. The need for electricity has increased recently. In direct discussions with the residents, the most essential needs for the village have emerged:

PV for households
The lighting situation in many of the village’s apartments is very poor. Due to the lack of electricity, the lighting at home is often provided by petroleum lamps. Petroleum is not only extracted from petroleum, it also poses a risk to the user. In Koram, it has been responsible for several domestic fires in the past.

With the provision of microcredits, households can be equipped with photovoltaic systems. This enables the sustainable operation of lamps and other electronic devices. The village consists of a total of 67 households, 10 of which are already equipped with photovoltaic systems. The microcredit should be repaid within 2 years and will then be available for further funding.


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