SENEGAL – Encourage Koram to live a sustainable and healthy way by improving clay stoves to replace the inefficient three-stone cooking fireplace and take the biofuel briquettes more into account the daily life.

In the rural areas in Senegal, there is the only simple cooking method by using woods. Lots of trees have been cutting down which causes deforestation leading to a negative effect on the global environment. Additional to the traditional stove is an open fired space without doors on the burning zone which is not proper channel structure, this creates tons of smoke causing unhealthy issues for people and also especially inefficient for fuel briquettes related to heat holding capacity. The previous project from Greening Africa together have been working on Fuel Briquettes in Koram since 2017. Instead of using woods, this renewable energy consumption product can be produced by biomass such as peanut shells, Koni shells or millet stalks which are locally available in the area. Afterward, in 2019 the briquettes machines were created with the continuing project from local and berlin students to increase the capacity of briquettes production in a smaller time. Unfortunately, the machines were inefficient enough and need to be improved. By the way, these machines were kindly repaired with the help of the technical professional from Delafosse Technical High school in Dakar.

About Koram
Koram is a small village in Senegal, which is on the border to the Gambia. There are about 1500 people and most of them are living on agriculture and farms. For cooking situations, the normally simple stoves made by a couple of stones and the traditional one called Fournau are used. 

Cooking stoves Fuel Briquettes with Biofuel Briquette
Now what we need to do in the upcoming March for our summer school is to continue the project as the 3rd generation in testing the improved machines for the whole process of briquettes production to find a solution for further enhancement if needed. As much as we concern about people’s health on the cooking situations, we would like to improve clay stoves to replace the inefficient three-stone cooking fireplace which emitting the amount of smoke.

To achieve all these tasks, we need your help! So don’t hesitate to be a part of us to make our world a better place!