UGANDA – Implementation of a functional waste management system at the Uganda Martyrs University in the Nkozi community. Subsequent recycling of the different waste stream products (Biogas plant/Plastic extrusion/etc)

Our team of international (Kenya, Uganda and Germany) and interdisciplinary (Enviromental studies/engineering, Education sciences, Scientific Computing , Energy and process engineering, Ethics and Development studies and Architecture) students relies on your donation to carry out our vision.

The Uganda Martyrs University (UMU) has an outdated waste system. They collect the waste without separating or treating it and then dump it in ”designated” dump areas (you can see these places in the galery)
”Sometimes” the waste is burned at these places (but they don’t burn properly, resulting in ever growing waste heaps)
Our team wishes to implement a working improvement of the current waste management system.
Instead of having one waste stream that will end up being thrown in the land somewhere, we want to provide differentiable trash cans (for each waste stream), containers (where these streams will be collected until its further processing), education/seminars (make everyone in UMU aware of the change and explain its uses and its benefits), lay the groundwork for further improvement.
We are thriving for cooperations with local recyclers and start ups to eventually generate income through the separated waste fractions, to make the system feasible and create job opportunities.

The Uganda Martyrs University (UMU), in the community of Nkozi, Uganda
2227+WH Busese, Uganda
Coordinates: 0°00’22.9”N , 32°01’17.1”N

Because it is not wholesome.
Because it is not pretty.
Because open dumps attract vermin which in part spread mean diseases.
Because it is a learning oportunity for the whole Nkozi community.
Because it will generate new energy, revenue and posibilities.


Inmeadiate how?
As stated before in the ”what” page.
We want to introduce colored coded bins for each different waste streams.
Streams will be : Biomass (primarily from the cantina), Paper, Plastics and General waste.
Paper and plastic will be sold to ”nearby” recycling facility or aforementioned start ups.
Biomass will be used in the biogas bag plant or as food for animals (depending on the donations  )
General waste will sadly end up being burnt… but this time properly! (or landfilled, whichever one is less sad)

Future how?
This is the begining of our adventure working together (the involved universites and NGOs), but we wont stop any time soon.
With the groundwork layed we want future students of GATop to recylce the product of each waste stream.
Planned activities involve building a biogas plant,
Sorting and processing plastic into filaments (to be later used for 3D printing or making baskets, etc)
We still dont have any concrete plans for paper, but I’m sure future students will come to a pleseant solution.