Greening Africa Together

Irrigation & Fertilizer

GATo is working to improve the quality of life in Kouram, through environmentally and economically sustainable engineering projects as well as community training and education programs that empower local leadership. The garden area specifically is the land that is allocated to a local Women’s cooperative to explore income generating activities.  The aim of this project is to find a better irrigation system which provides all the needs of the population and together with it provides a manual for efficient water management. The garden is providing onions, beetroots, cabbage, carrot, spice, tomato, turnip, sorrel which are basic food products for the inhabitants.  Vegetables are watered in the morning and evening but during this process there are some wastes, additional the high temperature evaporate approximately 0,13 L/h  in one hectare garden. Irrigated lands are up to 2.5 times more productive compared to rain-fed agriculture. Irrigation systems are an important element in the agriculture sector and without proper technical equipment the waste of water could represent a lack of food for the community. You can contribute to provide fresh vegetables and clean water to the Kouram community and to be maintained during the next year, providing training to the community as well.    

In Kouram a biogas digestor was installed last year by GATo. The biogas is used to cook by the local population. This year we want to train the people how to appropriately use the biogas residue as a fertilizer for the fields and in the long run be able to sell the fertilizer. This creates an income generating activitiy which is vital and meets the needs of the people in Kouram.

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