Greening Africa Together

Energize Kouram!

The ‘Energize Kouram' project in Kouram is a part of “Greening Africa Together”, a joint project of Technical University of Berlin, University of Dakar, University of Gambia and NGO Forêt Internationale. “Greening Africa Together” realizes environment and renewable energy projects in Africa during which University students collaborate with the local population for the implementation.

The “Energize Kouram” Greening Africa Together project will provide renewable solar electricity to the households of the Senegalese village Kouram and light its roads with solar street lights. This project aims to achieve one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals by giving access to clean energy and lighting to the society in this area.

During the “Greening Africa Together” summer school in Kouram students from Senegal, Gambia and Germany will install photovoltaic home systems and photovoltaic street lights together with the local population.



Why is this project important for the villagers?



A remote village of Kouram lacks electricity grid access. This creates several difficulties for daily life of its approximate1200 inhabitants. For house lightening they use candles and kerosene lamps. This situation is dangerous as it poses inhouse fire hazard and it’s also harmful to users’ eyesight and lungs due to prolonged exposure to smoke and low lighting condition of these lamps. While cell phone charging is still limited to single charging station in village and for TV Radios they need to buy batteries which end up in open dumps creating environmental issue polluting soil and ground water. Hence this PV installations will resolve their problems and give them access to a sustainable energy resource ‘SUN’. While street lightening will increase the children's safety against attacks of reptiles and will help to have safe communal cooking during festivities.

The video bellow shows personal interviews of villagers telling their problems and expectations from Energize Kouram.


With above video, we urge you to please help us to improve the everyday life of Iamin, Jarry and the other villagers of Kouram! With your help we can buy components for the solar systems. Our goal is the more funds we can raise, the more households can be supplied with renewable electricity and the more streets will be illuminated!

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