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EmPowering Health in Benin: Electrification of a Health-Center

Over 90 % of the rural population in Benin suffer from energy poverty. Many health centers lack simple equipment, such as lighting or sufficient refrigeration to offer satisfactory treatment. Under these circumstances, even small investments can have a huge impact on the quality of health care.

We, an international group of students from Benin, D.R. Congo, Senegal and Germany, are working together with the local health centre of Tori-Acadjamé in the south of Benin. The health centre serves as a maternity and offers primary treatment to the people of Tori-Acadjamé and the surrounding villages. The main goal is the installation of a photovoltaic system to make use of the abundant sun hours in the region. Through research and intensive surveys on site we identified the following three targets for this project.

Benin table

Target A (4500 €):


  Basic lighting

  Small charging station

Target B (6500 €):


  Additional Lighting

  Medium charging station


Target C (9500 €):


  Overall lighting

  Large charging station

  Additional ventilation

  Small electrical appliances

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