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EmPowering Healthin Benin: Electrification of a Health-Center

Over 90 % of the rural population in Benin suffer fromenergy poverty. Many health centers lack simple equipment, such as lighting orsufficient refrigeration to offer satisfactory treatment. Under thesecircumstances, even small investments can have a huge impact on the quality ofhealth care.

We, an international group of students from Benin, D.R.Congo, Senegal and Germany, are working together with the local health centreof Tori-Acadjamé in the south of Benin. The health centre serves as a maternityand offers primary treatment to the people of Tori-Acadjamé and the surroundingvillages. The main goal is the installation of a photovoltaic system to makeuse of the abundant sun hours in the region. Through research and intensivesurveys on site we identified the following three targets for this project.

Benin table

Target A (4500 €):


          Basic lighting

          Small charging station

Target B (6500 €):


          Additional Lighting

          Medium charging station


Target C (9500 €):


          Overall lighting

          Large charging station

          Additional ventilation

          Small electrical appliances

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