Greening Africa Together

We are supported by institutions, business partners and sponsors.  

Institutions are invited to be official partners the network if: 

  • They want to fight climate change and reduce their carbon footprint 
  • Support communities or social projects in the field of green development 
  • Work at the same eye level 
  • A responsible of the institution will sign the agreement 
  • A contact person will assure the communication with Greening Africa Together (GATo) 

Companies are invited to be official partners of the GATo Network if: 

  • They want to fight climate change and protect the environment 
  • Support green development and social equality  
  • Aim to create sustainable positive change for people and nature across cultural, religious and social borders 
  •  Support actively the GATo projects and the participating students  
  • The NGO should name a coordinator who’s responsible for the GATo activities
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