Greening Africa Together

Current Projects

DR Congo: Petite Flamme

The elementary school Petite Flamme is located near Kinshasa, the capital city of DR Congo. Today there’s no electricity, so the children can only use sunlight for learning.  

The project’s target is to design an off grid solar system to provide energy and further to ensure a healthy learning environment for the youngsters from 6 till 11 years. The generated energy will be used for lightning, enable the usage of laptops and even a phone charging service for the local people would be provided. 

Benin: La Ferme Communautaire

Goal of the project “La Ferme Communautaire: a family for each child” is to promote a place with productive activities where orphans and children without housing can live and learn about sustainable farming. The farm is located near the village of Kpassagambou.

Senegal: PV4ALL

In the project Greening Africa Together a group of students will take care of the electrification of the senegalese village of Koram. The students will work with solar panels to improve the living conditions of the villagers according to their needs. In exchange the students will gain practical experiences in a real project. The students are separated in three different groups household, streetlights and Sona’s, a local villager, freezer and poultry.

Senegal: Organic Fuels

The organic fuels group focuses on minimizing the ecological impact related to cooking and on protecting the health of the villagers by replacing the currently used fuels with sustainable alternatives. 

Senegal: Farming

The goal of the Senegal Farming group is to generate an additional small source of income and food for the people in the village of Koram. We focus on sustainable projects, which are easily reproducible and support an ecological lifestyle.

To achieve this we use multiple approaches, making use of the different interests and strength of the village. Together with a group of women we implement a chicken farm, work on increasing the fertility of the existing garden and check possibilities of goat keeping for the youth of Koram.

Senegal: Food Processing

The people of Kouram plan to dry and process fruit and vegetables.The choice of products to dry is: baobab fruit, cereals, mango and leaves. And the choice of products to be processed is: mango, orange, mandarin, cashew, saba, tomato, baobab fruit, néré; which will be transformed into syrup, jam, juice, or oil. Dried or processed products will be packaged for sale to the market.
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